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NeuraCache: Long-term Memory Assistant Use NeuraCache if you would like to: Study the right way. Ace any exam Have a compound effect on your learnin

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English Irish Translator 更新した 1.8

English Irish or Irish English Translator Free is the most powerful translation tool on your Android. Translate any sentence or phrase into any destin

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Equation Editor 更新した 2.228

This application includes a complete math equation editor along with option to discuss Math problems in a common forum. User ID creation is optional a

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AnkiApp Flashcards 更新した 3.3.0

Learning Chinese characters? Kanji? Medicine? Another subject with lots to memorize? With that much to learn, you need the right flashcard app, to get

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TCNJ Roar 更新した 2020.09.0700.build.10149

The College of New Jersey App brings the campus to your fingertips and enables you to connect with the TCNJ community: Stay on top of your events, cla

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Marion School District, AR 更新した 1.3.2

The official app for Marion School District, AR allows users direct access to the most recent news, announcements and event calendars. Customize the a

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Aplicación Escolar 更新した 8.3

Para recibir información como mensajes de pagos, tareas, circulares , seguimientos académicos , calificaciones graficadas y más. For information as

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Desert Winds Community Church 更新した 5.6.0

Welcome to the Official Desert Winds Community Church app! We are excited to share the great news of Jesus with the world, and to help you in your own

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PVP LOGICS QUANT - REASONING THE LEARNING APP is an online platform for managing data associated with its tutoring classes in the most efficient and t

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Integra Educa 更新した 1.76.00

Aplicativo para acesso ao Integra Educa a plataforma de treinamentos do GrupoSC. O acesso é exclusivo para colaboradores. Caso não consiga acessar ent

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Learn Portuguese from Master Ling in 10 minutes a day! DOWNLOAD FREE - LEARN WITH GAMES - SPEAK WITH NATIVE SPEAKERS Our free Portuguese language lear

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El Amanecer de la Esperanza 更新した 5.6.0

Bienvenidos a la App oficial del Ministerio El Amanecer de la Esperanza en el Bronx, New York. Juan Radhamés Fernández, Pastor Como ministerio cristia

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Для студентов ПСПбГМУ (Первый Санкт-Петербургский государственный медицинский университет им. И.П. Павлова) Хотим представить мобильное приложение-рас

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Tigerhall 更新した 1.13.2

Tigerhall is a knowledge-sharing platform that connects today’s professionals to some of the most successful people in Asia. Think of it as a one-stop

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The BabyChakra Parenting & Advice App is the best free parenting app for all your pregnancy, parenting, maternity, baby development and childcare need

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Bilingual News: Transcripts 更新した 1.2.5

Official transcripts application for the Bilingual News podcast. Listeners are able to use transcripts while listening along with the podcast to study

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Edulog Parent Portal Lite 更新した 1.6.3

Edulog’s Parent Portal Lite is a self-service app that allows you to track your child’s assigned transportation from his or her school. Know what rout

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*** First 7 lessons for free! *** 100 days to dialogue in a new language with Europe’s top language-learning method for beginners or false beginners.

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Bermuda College 更新した 2020.09.0700.build.10149

The Bermuda College App brings campus to your fingertips and enables you to connect with the Bermuda community: Stay on top of your events, classes, a

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Alambique. Did. Experimentales 更新した 7.7.5

Didáctica de las Ciencias Experimentales. La revista Alambique desarrolla una labor divulgativa entre el profesorado de ciencias experimentales, ident

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