Show Java 3.0.6 [free]


AboutThis is a Decompiler that extracts the source code of an Android application (including XML files and image assets). Works directly from your android device. You can opt for CFR 0.110 or JaDX 0.6.1 to use as the decompiler.Features• Select either CFR 0.110, JaDX 0.6.1 or FernFlower (analytical decompiler) to use as the decompiler• Runs directly on your android device• Select apk from sdcard (or) from a list of installed applications• Easy to use• Decompiles resources too (layouts, Drawables, Menus, AndroidManifest, image assets)• Displays code in a clean-syntax-highlighted form• The decompiled source can easily be copied from the sdcard (source is stored in ShowJava folder in the sdcard)• Simple source browser with a summary of all decompilation errors• Each decompiled source file has commented references to classes that could not be decompiled• Runs in the background• Ad-Free Pro version available through an In-App purchaseSource CodeThis will be an Open Sourced project. The source code is hosted at GitHub read the License info before using any part of the code in any project.Known Bugs• Does not work with system applications in most of the phones (especially one's that are not de-odexed)• Slow on phones with single core processorsReason's for Permissions• Internet - Automated bug reporting• External Storage - To store the decompiled source code and to have a working directory for the applicationCredits• A Big-Huge Thanks to Lee Benfield ([email protected]) for his awesome CFR - Class File Reader :D :D• Panxiaobo ([email protected]) for dex2jar :)• Liu Dong ( for apk-parser• Ben Gruver for dexlib2.• skylot for JaDX.• JetBrains for FernFlower analytical decompiler.DO NOT USE THIS APPLICATION TO DO STUFF THAT YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO. THE DEVELOPER (Niranjan Rajendran) IS IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISUSE OF THIS APPLICATION



  • ソフトウェアの名称: Show Java
  • ソフトウェアカテゴリ: ツール
  • APK名: com.njlabs.showjava
  • 最新バージョン: 3.0.6
  • サポートROM: 4.1 以上
  • ファイルサイズ : 6.88 MB
  • 更新した: 2019-03-15