Super Metro Train Simulator 3D 1.6 [free]


Fantastic android game for the train fans and super metro train simulator. This game brings you an opportunity to show your skills by driving this train with full of joy
and thrill. if you want to become a fantastic train engine driver then just click a download button and have some real ride. This monster train have a realistic control on
your finger tips. This game is very easy to play. Just start your engine and run this train like a bullet. During your ride you will experiencea realistic 3D graphics view
from your cab with lush green grassy land, mountain and deserts.
In this game you will experience a real stunning sound of a real train. You have many levels in this game.You have different station from one destination to another. There
are animated people that you have to give them a ride of pick and drop, you have some cargo stuff to drop on different stations as well.At every station people are waiting
for the train so have to be on time to give them a real proper ride.You can select different types of train engine and stations. You have different types of speedy engine
that you select for your levels.
Let's have a ride on this super train in this metro train simulator game. Among all the train games this is the best train simulator game. In this train simulator 2017
game become a legend train driver. In this orange train game you can have the cultural taste of different countery trains like indian express train,pakistan express train,
USA train and also have the touch of Israeel railway. In this train app you may feel the feelings of a globle train driver and you can drive indian train simulator,
japanese train and Hzara train too.
Through this train simulation game you can have a ride of different rails like super metro train, orange train etc.Try to controle this unstopable train simulator and
drive and drop the passengers and tourists all acroos your countery. This bullet train will help a lot to the train passengers and to reach their respective railway
station within few minutes. This Railway game will give you the sence of a perfect and responsible train driver. You have to avoid any train collision and have to manage
the train speed on the tricky turns because over speeding of rail simulator will cause hazardus train accident.
As a rail driver passengers safety is your first priority. Be an efficient and regular traine driver. Be remember this is niot a toy train but a real train with full of
passengers. Play this railroad simulator game and feel the thrill of rail journey. There are different trains to buy in this train simulator game you just have to drag and
drop the passengers in different environment like, desert railway station to snowy hill station and other metro city train stations.
Drive this London train and feel the thrill of Indian train as well as of Russian train on the Russion rail tracks.Enjoy this railway train journey with your family and
kids. We bet that thios is the best rail simulator train game that is kid friendly rail sim game. Enjoy the train transportation with this train simulator and prove
yourself as a skillfull rail drivr
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  • ソフトウェアの名称: Super Metro Train Simulator 3D
  • ソフトウェアカテゴリ: ロール・プレイング
  • APK名: com.beta.metro.citytrain.simulator
  • 最新バージョン: 1.6
  • サポートROM: 4.3 以上
  • ファイルサイズ : 39.12 MB
  • 更新した: 2020-02-27