Internet wifi 3g 4g 5g speed test IP and ping 0.2.3 [free]


Speed test for wifi and mobile 3g, 4g, 5g data.
The fastest internet speed measurement app on the market.
Consumption of little data in measure.
With this simple and free application you can measure the quality of your Wi-Fi connection or mobile data, at the touch of a button. Measures download speed, upload speed
and ping. It also shows your internet public IP and the data obtained in mega bits per second and in megabytes per second.
This app is the ultimate tool for quality measurements of internet connection, to verify your wifi router and to measure the 3g / 4g /5g data of your mobile device.
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  • ソフトウェアの名称: Internet wifi 3g 4g 5g speed test IP and ping
  • ソフトウェアカテゴリ: ツール
  • APK名: com.akrasoft.speedtest
  • 最新バージョン: 0.2.3
  • サポートROM: 4.1 以上
  • ファイルサイズ : 11.98 MB
  • 更新した: 2021-04-08