Moon Live Wallpaper 2.9 [free]


Enter the world of dreams with Moon Live Wallpaper! Whenever you tap on the screen, new “full moons” appear! Fall asleep with these astral images, let them
tuck you into the most beautiful dreams! Allow the moonlight to be your guide through the darkest nights and lighten your path wherever you go! Choose your favorite moonlit
landscape and start daydreaming! Be romantic – a moon on your screen is a great way to show your sensitive side! These dreamy images will inspire you and brighten up every
dull day!
- Ideal live wallpaper for your mobile phone!
- Whenever you tap on the screen, new full moons appear!
- Five types of background styles - different astral landscapes!
- Three types of speed of the floating objects: slow, normal, fast!
- Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!
- Choose this animated background and you won't regret!
Follow the installation instructions:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
Download Moon Live Wallpaper and decorate your desktop with amazing moonlight pictures. Enter the world of fantasies, go to a better place where there are no troubles and no
worries! Be another man on the moon, conquer new worlds, free yourself from all the constraints of the everyday life! Enjoy positive feelings while watching your phone
screen glow magnificently in the dark!
How did the moon form? According to the giant impact theory, the young Earth had no moon. At some point in Earth's early history, a rogue planet, larger than Mars, struck
the Earth in a great, glancing blow. Instantly, most of the rogue body and a sizable chunk of Earth were vaporized. The cloud rose to above 13,700 miles (22,000 kilometers)
altitude, where it condensed into innumerable solid particles that orbited the Earth as they aggregated into ever larger moonlets, which eventually combined to form the
Earth’s largest satellite.
By measuring the ages of lunar rocks, we know that it is about 4.6 billion years old, or about the same age as Earth. The distance between the Earth and its natural
satellite averages about 238,900 miles (384,000 kilometers). Its diameter is 2,160 miles (3,476 kilometers). Its mass—the amount of material that makes it up —is about
one-eightieth of the Earth's mass.
Because the force of gravity at the surface of an object is the result of the object's mass and size, the surface gravity of the Earth’s largest satellite is only one-sixth
that of the Earth. The force gravity exerts on a person determines the person's weight. Even though your mass would be the same on it and the Earth, if you weigh 132 pounds
(60 kilograms) on Earth, you would weigh about 22 pounds (10 kilograms) on the moon.
Download Moon Live Wallpaper and lighten up every day with beautiful moonlight on your desktop!



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