LuckyPatcher 5.4.9 [free]

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Lucky Patcher is a great Android tool to remove ads, modify Permissions, bypass premium applications license verification, and more.

To use this application, you need a rooted device.

Although stable, functioning of Lucky Patcher can't be guaranteed at 100%.
So you are solely responsible of use of this application.
Under no circumstances Netbew be responsible for any problems caused to your device (rebooting loop, unstable system, etc...).

Lucky break LuckyPatcher from cracking the ChelpuS work, need root permissions can solve some software or games, also can go to advertising, such as TankRiders, Reckless Racing HD? Ground Effect HD, Spirit, Aftermatch and so on, but there's no guarantee that will break, so called lucky break, apply after long press Popup the menu.

Note: when faced with a lucky break before the wreck some update version out of space to remind, to the corresponding app uninstall, and then run the luckyautomatically clear the data after installation


The author changed the name of the package.

The newest version is 6.8.7:



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  • ソフトウェアの名称: LuckyPatcher
  • ソフトウェアカテゴリ: ツール
  • APK名: com.forpda.lp
  • 最新バージョン: 5.4.9
  • サポートROM: 2.0 以上
  • ファイルサイズ : 4.11 MB
  • 更新した: 2017-09-03